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Non-compliance with best practice regulation requirements - Australian Communications and Media Authority

Aust Gov
15th October 2010

The first instance of non-compliance on our website relates to the Telecommunications Service Provider (Mobile Premium Services) Determination 2010 (No.2). The Determination was announced in the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Media Release 98/2010. From 3 November 2010, ACMA will be able to issue a temporary Do Not Bill order to stop suspect content providers from charging customers while it investigates a service. The effect of this proposal is to transfer risk from customers to content service providers. A regulation impact statement was required to be prepared to describe the impact on affected businesses but none was prepared. Accordingly this proposal is assessed as non-compliant against Australian Government best practice regulation requirements. A post-implementation review will be required to be started by ACMA before 3 November 2012.

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