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Guidance Note: Post-Implementation Reviews

Aust GovPost-implementation Reviews
15th March 2012

When a proposal proceeds to the decision maker without an adequate regulation impact statement, the resulting regulation must be subject to a post-implementation review (unless the impacts were considered minor or the change was machinery in nature). This guidance note clarifies the approach the Office of Best Practice Regulation will take when assessing the adequacy of post-implementation reviews.

The guidance note is consistent with the material in the existing Best Practice Regulation Handbook 2010, which has a strong focus on the preparation and assessment of regulation impact statements. While there are some similarities between a post-implementation review and a regulation impact statement, not everything in the Handbook can be easily adapted within the context of a post-implementation review.

The Government agreed to the publication of guidance material for the preparation of post-implementation reviews. This document should be considered an extension of the information contained within the Handbook.

If you have any questions about the material contained in this guidance note, please contact the Office of Best Practice Regulation.

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