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Australian Education Regulation 2013

Aust GovPost-implementation Reviews
18th November 2016

Post Implementation Review – Department of Education and Training

On 1 January 2014, the Australian Education Regulation 2013 came into effect, as subordinate legislation to the Australian Education Act 2013. The Act and the Regulation provide for Commonwealth funding to government and non-government schools.

While the conditions and requirements for funding remained largely unchanged from the previous legislative framework, the introduction of the new legislation included the following new requirements:

  • prepare implementation plans; and
  • put in place processes and procedures for enhancing principal and teacher performance and professional development.

A Regulation Impact Statements (RIS) was required for the new measures in accordance with the Government’s regulation requirements at that time. However, a compliant RIS was not provided, triggering the requirement to undertake a post-implementation review (PIR).

A PIR assessing the new measures prepared by the Department of Education and Training was assessed as compliant by the Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR).

The PIR assessed the measures imposed regulatory costs of $0.764 million per annum. The OBPR agreed to the estimate.

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