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Managing the risks associated with lead in the workplace

9th February 2017

COAG Decision Regulation Impact Statement

On 17 January 2017, Safe Work Australia announced the majority of state, territory and Commonwealth Ministers responsible for work health and safety supported the implementation of the preferred option in the Decision Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) through model work health and safety legislation.

This Decision RIS is the result of Safe Work Australia’s review of the current toxicological information and overseas trends in the regulation of lead in the workplace. It examines options to reduce the adverse health outcomes caused by exposure to lead in the workplace.

In line with international standards and current Australian research, this Decision RIS presents a preferred option of lowering the blood lead removal levels and maximum permissible airborne concentration of lead to afford greater protection to workers who may be exposed to lead at the workplace.

The RIS was assessed as compliant by the Office of Best Practice Regulation in September 2016 under the COAG RIS requirements. The proposal will result in a regulatory cost of approximately $3.46 million, the regulatory cost and associated offset have been agreed with the OBPR.

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