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Regulation to Establish Levy and Charges on Melons

Aust Gov
20th July 2017

Regulation Impact Statement – Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

On 28 November 2016, the Government announced changes to regulations to introduce a new mandatory melon levy and charge.

The changes commencing on 1 January 2017 will introduce a statutory levy and charge on all melons at a rate of 0.4 of a cent per kilogram for growers who sell more than 20 tonnes of melon a year. The aim of the levy and charge is to secure funding for research and development, and biosecurity preparedness activities.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources prepared and certified a Regation Impact Statement (RIS) was prepared, and certified by, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. The Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) assessed the RIS as compliant and consistent with best practice.

The RIS estimates the measure will increase total regulatory costs by $1000 a year on average. The OBPR agreed to the estimate.

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