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Abolition and Replacement of 457 visas

Aust Gov
22nd January 2018

In April 2017, the Government announced its decision to replace the 457 visa with a Temporary Skill Shortage visa for short and medium to long term skill shortages.

A  RIS was prepared by the then Department of Immigration and Border Protection in compliance with the Australian Government RIS requirements. However the level of analysis in the RIS used to inform decision makers was not commensurate with the potential impacts. For example, the longer term impact on the competitiveness of Australia’s labour market – while discussed – is not assessed in any detail, in particular the impact of the policy on Australia’s competitiveness in attracting and retaining highly skilled or specialised workers. As a result the OBPR’s final assessment is that the RIS is not best practice.

The Department estimated the proposal will reduce regulatory costs by $1.185 million. The OBPR agreed to this estimate.

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