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11th April 2018

Social Security (Assurances of Support) (FAHCSIA) Determination 2007

On 1 April 2018, the above mentioned determination was scheduled to sunset. However, the Department of Social Services decided to remake this Determination with minor amendments.

The remake of the Social Security (Assurances of Support) Determination 2018 will continue to specify requirements for Assurance of Support under the Social Security Act 1991. An Assurance of Support is an undertaking by an individual or a body (the assurer) to repay the Commonwealth an amount equal to the amount of any recoverable social security payments received over a defined period for holders of a visa to whom Assurance of Support requirements apply.

Consistent with Government’ best practice regulation requirements for sunsetting instrument, the Department of Social Security, after review and consultation, has remade the instrument with minor amendments to ensure that the instruments remain fit-for-purpose. Therefore, a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) is not required for remaking this Determination without significant amendments.

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