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14th May 2018

COAG Decision Regulation Impact Statement – COAG Energy Council

On 20 April 2018, the COAG Energy Council agreed to further improve lighting energy efficiency regulation by phasing out inefficient halogen light bulbs in Australia and introducing minimum standards for LED light bulbs in Australia and New Zealand in line with European Union (EU) standards.

The phase out will remove remaining incandescent light bulbs and a range of halogen light bulbs from the Australian market, where an equivalent LED light bulb is available.

Timing of the new regulation will align with revised EU minimum standards that will apply to LED light bulbs (planned for September 2020).  The details of the new EU regulation are expected to be finalised in 2018.

A decision Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) was prepared by the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy and assessed as adequate by the Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR).

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