Regulation Impact Statement Updates

Official website for publishing regulatory impact analysis information for regulatory decisions announced by the Australian Government, COAG and COAG Councils.

Australian Government

The Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) is required to publish Regulation Impact Statements (RIS) on its website as soon as practicable from the date of regulatory announcements, in consultation with the agency. Consequently, the RIS status in aggregate and by agency is also reported ‘live’ in the following tables. The Australian Government introduced a new Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) process in March 2014; however, some legacy issues remain to be published. During 2013-14, there were also RISs assessed under the June 2010 and the July 2013 RIA processes, and some of these have been published after March 2014. The reports below provide summary information on the compliance of regulatory proposals published on this website for the current financial year and the immediately preceding financial year on a live basis. These are interim reports. Final annual reports are prepared at the end of each financial year and can be found in Best Practice Regulation Reports.






Live report for options-stage Regulation Impact Statements published under the July 2013 RIA process.