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Precursor Chemicals and Equipment [Decision]

6th January 2017

COAG Decision Regulation Impact Statement – The Attorney-General’s Department

On 21 October 2016 the Law, Crime and Community Safety Council agreed to introduce new measures to improve the national consistency of controls on precursor chemicals and equipment.

Inconsistencies across Australian jurisdictions were found to present opportunities for the diversion of chemicals and equipment towards the production of illicit drugs. The lack of a central system to report the sale of chemicals and equipment and a lack of information sharing between law enforcement agencies were considered additional vulnerabilities in addressing the diversion of chemicals and equipment.

To improve national consistency of controls, Ministers agreed that all jurisdictions will implement harmonised schedules of precursor chemicals and equipment, to establish a national electronic end user declaration system and to strengthen information-sharing between border and law enforcement agencies.

The Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) was compliant with the COAG RIS requirements, preparing adequate Regulation Impact Statements at the consultation and decision-making stages.

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