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More Choices for a Longer Life Package

Aust Gov
19th September 2018

Independent Review – Department of Health

As part of the 2018-19 Budget, the Australian Government announced the More Choices for a Longer Life Package. The Package contains 42 measures to support Australians to be better prepared to live a healthy, independent, connected and safe life. 

Twelve measures in the Package will be implemented by the Department of Health (the Department) in response to the Legislated Review of Aged Care 2017 (the Tune Review) and the Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes (the Carnell-Paterson Review). The Tune and Carnell-Paterson reviews have been certified by the Department as meeting the requirements of a regulation impact statement (RIS). The OBPR does not assess independent reviews.

The Department has met Australian Government RIS requirements for all decisions relating to the More Choices for a Longer Life Package. The Department has refined its initial estimate of the regulatory costs for measures responding to the Tune and Carnell-Paterson reviews, informed by greater information on implementation. The Department has estimated the measures will result in a net reduction in regulatory burden of $356,808 a year.  The OBPR has agreed to the estimate.

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