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Ticket Reselling

30th November 2018

Decision Regulation Impact Statement – Legislative and Governance Forum on Consumer Affairs

On 26 October 2018, the Legislative and Governance Forum on Consumer Affairs agreed to apply disclosure requirements to event ticket resale websites.

The proposal requires ticket resale websites to disclose the face value of tickets and the fact that the website is not a primary ticket seller. This will ensure consumers can make an informed decision about whether to buy tickets from resale websites. The proposal does not restrict the continued operation of secondary ticket markets, in recognition that these provide a valuable service for consumers. While some states and territories intend to continue to regulate resale prices, this does not form part of the proposal.

The Australian Government Department of the Treasury prepared the Decision RIS. The RIS was assessed as compliant with Council of Australian Government RIS requirements by the Office of Best Practice Regulation. The Treasury previously released a Regulation Impact Statement for Consultation.

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