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Air Navigation (International Airline Licence Exemption) Determination 2019

Aust Gov
5th April 2019

Remaking sunsetting instrument without significant amendments – Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities

On 22 March 2019, the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (DIRDC) remade the Determination under subsection 12(3) of the Air Navigation Act 1920, without significant amendment, for a period of 10 years until 1 April 2029.

Air Navigation (Exemption for Commercial Non-Scheduled Flights) Determination 2019 exempts airlines from the requirement to have an international airline licence when an airline flies over Australian territory without landing and for airlines that land for non-traffic purposes. The Determination gives effect to Australia’s obligations under the International Air Transit Agreement of 1944 and provides legal certainty to airlines about Australian licencing requirements when overflying Australian territory and landing in Australian territory when not taking on or discharging passengers, cargo or mail.

Consistent with Government’s best practice regulation requirements for sunsetting instruments, DIRDC has assessed the Instrument as operating effectively and efficiently. Therefore, a Regulation Impact Statement is not required for remaking this instrument without significant amendments.


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