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Review of the Australian Standards for the export of livestock (ASEL): Sea Transport

Aust Gov
5th April 2019

Independent Review – Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

On 19 March 2019, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the Department) released the final report on the Review of the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL): sea transport, as well as its response.

The review was undertaken to ensure the standards for live exports are fit-for-purpose and reflect the latest science. The review assessed the export of livestock by sea, from sourcing and preparation through to the management of livestock on-board vessels. It also considered outcomes from the review of conditions for the export of sheep to the Middle East during the northern hemisphere summer by Dr Michael McCarthy.

The Review made 49 recommendations in the report. The Department has accepted all the recommendations either in full or in principle. Key recommendations focused on support for animal welfare outcomes, including changes in relation to:

  • Sourcing and preparation of livestock – with controls to remain on sourcing certain livestock, and more time provided in registered premises for stock to rest and prepare for the export journey.
  • Space on export vessels – with more space to be provided in most circumstances.
  • Circumstances in which a heat stress risk assessment needs to be conducted – with an assessment required for all export voyages that cross the equator, to be implemented in stages.
  • On-board management, including bedding and fodder provisions.
  • Personnel needed to manage animals on the vessel.
  • Reporting requirements.

The Department certified the ASEL Review report as a process and analysis equivalent to a Regulation Impact Statement. The OBPR does not assess the adequacy of independent reviews. The OBPR agreed with the Department’s estimate that reforms made in response to the ASEL Review will result in an increased regulatory burden of approximately $2.5 million per annum.

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