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Changes to Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Air Conditioners

3rd June 2019

COAG Decision Regulation Impact Statement – COAG Energy Council

On 19 December 2018, the COAG Energy Council agreed to more stringent Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for air conditioners. Specific changes include: applying MEPS to single duct portable air conditioners, increasing MEPS for air conditioners with a capacity greater than 65 kW, reducing MEPS for double duct portable air conditioners, and adopting the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) standard for rating air conditioner energy efficiency on the energy rating label. The Council also agreed to increase New Zealand’s residential cooling MEPS to Australia’s levels.

The Department of the Environment and Energy was compliant with the COAG Best Practice Regulation requirements, preparing Consultation and Decision RISs.

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