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Wholesale demand response mechanism

18th July 2019

COAG Consultation Regulation Impact Statement – Australian Energy Market Commission

On 18 July 2019, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) released the draft rule determination for the National Electricity Amendment (Wholesale demand response mechanism) Rule 2019 (draft determination) to provide a mechanism to facilitate wholesale demand response in the National Electricity Market. The AEMC has also released the corresponding Draft National Electricity Amendment (Wholesale demand response mechanism) Rule 2019 for consultation.

Facilitating wholesale demand response has the potential to lower wholesale electricity prices and help manage the supply-demand balance at a lower cost.

The draft determination has been assessed by the Office of Best Practice Regulation as compliant with requirements for a Council of Australian Governments Consultation RIS.

Submissions are invited by close of business, 12 September 2019. More information on the consultation process, including how to make a submission, can be found here.

Please note: the draft determination is web accessible in PDF only and any accessibility queries should be directed to the Australian Energy Market Commission.






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