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Australian Human Rights Commission Regulations 1989

Aust Gov
18th September 2019

Remaking of Sunsetting Instrument without Significant Amendments –The Attorney-General’s Department

On 5 September 2019, the Attorney-General remade a sunsetting instrument without materially significant amendments, relating to the definition and concepts of disability and the ‘criminal record’ attribute in the Australian Human Rights Commission Regulations 1989 (AHRC Regulations). They will commence on 1 October 2019.

The remade AHRC Regulations align the definition and concepts of disability with those in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Discrimination Regulations 1996 and amends the ‘criminal record’ attribute to ‘irrelevant criminal record’ to provide clarity to employers on the operation of the AHRC Regulations.

Consistent with Government best practice regulation requirements for sunsetting instruments, the Attorney-General’s Department has, after consultation with the Australian Human Rights Commission, government stakeholders, and the disability sector, assessed this instrument as operating effectively and efficiently. Therefore, a Regulation Impact Statement is not required for remaking this instrument without significant amendments.



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