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Remaking of Broadcasting Services (Transmitter Access) Regulations

Aust Gov
4th November 2019

Remaking of sunsetting instrument without significant amendments– Department of Communications and the Arts

On 24 September 2019, the Department of Communications and the Arts remade the Broadcasting Services (Transmitter Access) Regulation 2001  under Subclause 47(3) of Part 5 of Schedule 4 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 without significant amendment.

These regulations Broadcasting Services (Transmitter Access) Regulations 2019 enable the owner or operator of broadcasting designated associated facilities to refuse access to these facilities in circumstances where granting access would impact integrity, continuity and safety of the transmission of broadcasting and telecommunications services. These regulations also enable the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) to arbitrate disputes if the parties are unable to resolve the terms and conditions of access to these facilities.

Consistent with Government’s best practice regulation requirements for sunsetting instruments, the Department has assessed the regulation as operating effectively and efficiently. Therefore, a Regulation Impact Statement is not required for remaking this instrument without significant amendments.

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