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National register of enduring power of attorney instruments

12th December 2019

Non-compliance with COAG’s best practice regulation requirements – Council of Attorneys-General (CAG)

On 29 November 2019, the Council of Attorneys-General (CAG) agreed to pursue a staged approach to enduring power of attorney reform for financial decisions, first focusing on law reforms to support the establishment of a mandatory national register of enduring power of attorney instruments, followed by further consideration of reforms to enhance safeguarding provisions and enhance access to justice arrangements.

COAG best practice regulation requirements apply to decisions by Ministerial Councils or national standard setting bodies where there is a reasonable expectation of widespread compliance, and the expected impacts are not minor or machinery.

Neither a Consultation nor Decision RIS was prepared for the agreement by Ministers.

Ministers agreed to consider a detailed proposal and implementation plan for a Commonwealth-established and maintained register at the next CAG meeting. A RIS will be prepared to accompany the detailed proposal and implementation plan.

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